Nominations for the 2018 student pitch

Universities are invited to select students working on innovative projects (preferably with a start-up Ag Tech company) as representatives.
• The student must be an honours or coursework masters graduate of an Agricultural Science (or related) degree, who completed an honours/coursework masters project in 2018.
• The student must be available to travel to Sydney in order to attend the full day of the 30 Nov 2018 at the Ag Institute of Australia National Conference, as well as travel to and from the event.

Benefits to all entrants

• National recognition
• Networking with startup companies and agri-food businesses
• Promotion on the Ag Institute Australia website and via a media release

Requirements of entrants

Selected students will need to register for the Brave Conference at the discounted student price of $450 and provide a high quality photo of themselves (and permission for use of it by AIA).


Entrants must give a 5-minute oral presentation (supported by visuals, e.g. powerpoint) in Sydney on 30 November 2018. This should generally include the aspects below, however students can organise the presentation as best suits their project:
o Introduction
o Aims & hypotheses
o Materials and Methods
o Results
o Implications / conclusions
o Acknowledgements


Register your interest here!