George Laggis


George Laggis is a chartered accountant with over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world. He is currently the General Manager of Finance in the automotive services sector. He is a Wellness Ambassador, trained in Mental Health First Aid and has assumed an active lead role in driving the Wellbeing agenda throughout his workplace. George is very open in the workplace about his lived experience of mental health conditions and his transparency, authenticity and vulnerability has aspired others to get help.
George became a beyondblue speaker to share his own journey with mental illness and in doing so, normalising mental illness, reducing stigma and raising awareness. George has gained strength and power from understanding and embracing his mental illness and wants to inspire others along their own journeys.
George’s interests include keeping mentally and physically healthy, travelling the world with his partner, spending time with his puppies Gracie and Oliver who rule the house and his passion for learning and knowledge has been reignited.

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