Challenges Facing Australian Agriculture

Will your organisation be ready?

Consider the impact of future challenges facing Australian Agriculture including global finance and changes to rural investment, how millennials are returning to agriculture, how the sector will deal with water security, and what increased farm productivity will look like.

Controlling Supply Chains

Do you really understand your organisation’s supply chain?

Take away strategies to better control your supply chains from experts in grain trading, finance, logistics and food and fibre providence. Understand how the consumer and urban agriculture will drive changes in the supply chain.

Machine Learning, Big Data, Quantum Computing & Biotech

How will your organisation be transformed by new technologies?

Gain insight into the future role of technology transfer. Hear how technology can help Australian agriculture adapt to a changing climate. Learn about the use of big data and how it is enhancing on-farm production.Find out about the quantum computing and its implications for your agribusiness.

Human Touch – Beyond the Bottom Line

Is your organisation preparing for a quantum shift in the workforce?

Consider the future of agricultural education, professional development and learn how to become a Chartered Agricultural Professional. Gain practical advice on growing your business and your team. Learn how people are connected through agriculture, understand the management of mental health issues in the farmer sector, and how agriculture is supporting wellbeing and health in society.