From a compostable alternative to plastic fresh food packaging, to a seasonal staffing solution and a feed ration management app, the upcoming Brave Pitch competition will be an exciting glimpse into the future of the agriculture.

Five Australian innovators have been given the chance to pitch their ag-tech start-up idea in front of potential investors and supporters at Brave New World – Ag to 2030, the Ag Institute Australia (AIA) National Conference.

The contestants have been selected through a competitive process, and now will be presenting at the conference in Sydney on 29th November. The AIA represents advisors, scientists and specialists across Australian agriculture.

The five participants were shortlisted from a strong field of applicants, according to Guy Coleman, AIA Vice Chair and organiser of the Brave Pitch.

“They made it through some tough competition, testament to the incredible ag-tech ecosystem in Australia,” Guy said.

“Each of the five shortlisted start-ups will now have the opportunity to pitch their idea to the conference audience and judging panel, with a chance at $1000, access to the Thought For Food (TFF) Global Community, international investors and a free session with a patent attorney.

“The AIA is all about supporting the Australian agricultural industry and we’re helping the Australian start-ups reach an international audience.”

Christine Gould, Founder and CEO of TFF, who are sponsoring the Brave Pitch, says the incredible potential and innovation power that the next generation is able to unleash, once given the opportunity and properly supported, is something that is not only inspiring, but is needed more than ever.

“In the six years of Thought For Food, we’ve built this global community of thousands of changemakers from around the world and have launched really amazing impact-driven ventures that are solving food and agriculture challenges in every region,” she explains.

“We are thrilled to be working with our TFF leaders and partners throughout the Australian agtech ecosystem, and believe that together with them we can bring about the ‘brave’ part of the Brave New World concept this conference will explore.”


2018 Brave Pitch participants;

Michelle Demers – CARAPAC
CARAPAC is a compostable alternative to plastic, ideal for fresh food packaging. Produced from crustacean waste, it is durable through the supply chain and can even extend the shelf life of food due to inherent antifungal properties. But it gets better – it is completely home compostable, acting as a natural soil amendment when it breaks down. Simply add it to your garden, home composter or green bin when you are finished with it. CARAPAC is the only packaging option which has a beneficial life cycle from start to finish.

Genevieve Griffin-George – PICMI

PICMI is a seasonal staffing solution that simplifies the employment process and seamlessly connects growers to short-term workers when they need them. We have been building a solution to enable growers to remove the admin associated with hiring short-term staff and can already save growers one hour per hire. We are piloting with orchards in NZ and plan to start a pilot in Australia in November. Our vision is BIG. Our platform will help in educating and on-boarding workers before they arrive on site and connect them to growers in nearby regions.

Tim Klapdor – Kelpie App

Kelpie is a Digital Farm Aggregation Platform – think Alexa or Google Home, but for farmers. Kelpie allows farmers to plug-in all the technology on their farm into a single, easy to use app. Allowing them to turn data into decisions and decisions into action – in the one app. Just like a traditional working dog, Kelpie will let farmers round up and access all their digital information and systems in one easy to use application. Kelpie also aggregates services which allows farmers to not just access information, but make key decisions and turn them into actions on their farm across systems, services and products.

Natalie Bell, David O’Brien, Alistair Clare & Alex Grant – NutriStock

NutriStock is a app for android and iPhone developed by four Agricultural Science students that provides farmers with a tool to ensure that the nutritional needs of their livestock are met at the least cost possible. This app is not for drought mitigation, but rather a tool to quickly and easily help a producer weigh up their options to potentially avoid de-stocking by providing them with cost figures in seconds and removing the need to spend hours calculating a budget.

Guy Webb – SoilCQuest

Imagine empowering the world’s farmers to take action, leading the charge in drawing down the excess atmospheric carbon that threatens global food security, while improving the world’s agricultural soils, making them more fertile and resilient. This is exactly what the SoilCQuest 2031 scientists are working on, and to do the heavy lifting, they are employing the help of some of the tiniest organisms on earth. Endophytes are microbes that live in harmony with plants, and help them achieve some remarkable feats. They can act as natural anti-freeze, they can buffer out extreme temperatures, they can fight disease, or, what they’re most commonly known for, they can turn nitrogen in the air into sustainable fertiliser.


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